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How to Overcome Oily Hair Naturally

19 April 2014

Having oily hair is very disturbing, how to overcome oily hair naturally. Hair will be looked thin and sometimes scalp feels itchy. Excess oil on the scalp also causes dust and dirt easily attached. Hair becomes dirty quickly, smell, and easy dandruff.

Oily hair is caused by body oils (sebum) produced by oil glands under the skin of the head exceeds demand. Sebum is a substance that serves to moisturize the hair and scalp from getting too dry. In addition to these factors there are also other external factors such as: improper use of shampoo, diet, stress, and infrequent shampooing.

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How to cope with oily hair

  1. Maintain cleanliness of the hair is the first thing you should do. Wash to remove dust, dirt, and excess oil on the hair. You can feel when the hair is dirty by touching the scalp using fingertips. Shampooing does not need to be done every day, just 2-3 days.
  2. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type, expensive products is not always good and fits for your hair. Learn all ingredients in shampoos. Avoid shampoos that contain lots of chemicals.
  3. Avoid scratching the itchy scalp while because it will stimulate the glands to produce excess oil.
  4. Do a healthy diet because the food you eat can affect the condition of your hair. Avoid too spicy and oily foods that can trigger the production of the oil glands. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  5. Avoid hair from sun exposure that causes dry scalp. Because at that time felt that the condition of the oil glands of the scalp requires extra moisture.
  6. Perform natural hair care with lemon and aloe vera. Lemon can reduce levels of excess oil on the scalp but do not load it dry. Aloe vera is also believed effective to cope with oily hair so often used in hair care products.

Treat the Oily Hair

Every people have different hair characteristic. Some people have the dry hair while others have the oily one. Each character has different treatment to make it good. The oily hair is also having some specific treatments so that the hair will look good and healthy.

You need to learn about the hair characteristic and able to overcome if it have the problem. By understanding the character and also able to control your oil so that you will never get the oil hair problem, but when you face it, you have to get informed for some important pints you should do bellow.

Naturally, the oily hair is caused by the overload of your natural hair oil. Most people usually wash their hair whenever thy have the oily one. They wash over and over to clean the oil in their hair. Actually it is the worst thing you can do to solve the oil problem of your hair.

When you wash your hair over and over, you just dry your hair and make your natural Hair oil do produce even more oil to compensate the striped hair. To solve the oil problem, you need to make your hair into the balanced state, so that the natural hair oil will be under control.

You can wash your hair periodically and do it as you’re routine. It means that you just need to wash your hair once or twice a week depends on your hair characteristic. You have to know the hair by doing some experiment and see how your hair behave after washing.

It will help you to get the balance and get the accurate frequency on washing your hair. Oily hair is sometime hard to predict but by knowing the hair behavior, you can use it as the reference on any step you take on overcoming your hair problem.


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