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How to make modular origami sonobe cube strip

Make modular origami: Sonobe Cube Strip
Steps to make Origami unit is very nice, for the most part modular origami lover liked because it is relatively easy to manufacture. Usually it takes the logic of thinking is when preparation units that have been formed into the desired shape.
In this discussion explained how to make Sonobe variation called STRIP Sonobe. the steps to be followed are as follows:
Steps to make Origami Modular Unit: Strip Sonobe Cube

For the paper into 3 parts Perform fold and re-open valley, forming lines

Fold the top and bottom …

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Types of Paper for Printing

The types of paper that can be used in Origami
Types of Paper-Origami models or works of origami is largely determined by the type of material used, in this case the paper. The types of paper used in origami model is:


Namely Origami paper from one of the highest quality. The price is quite expensive, usually used for models of origami washi doll.

    Origami paper

Paper with a square (4 sides have the same length) is a motif or plain paper. HVS made of paper (copy paper) that were interesting motif. …

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Know how to naturally get rid of scars

How to naturally get rid of scars
Imprint wounds in the body to make us confident about our appearance. Shame dong when on the road, find a censure with wounds that are difficult for the body missing. Although he used various ways to get rid of scars, but often we are upset with the cuts made difficult to remove. Because of injuries to the body, it takes a long time for the recovery.
Below I found a natural recipe to get rid of scars pad body, yuk be listened to:

Leaves that may …

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Origami Tessellation Patterns

Basic Techniques Origami Tessellation, 120 degree intersections pleat
Pleat 120 degree intersection  (Pleat Intersection 120 degrees)
Pleat Intersection tessellation 120 degrees is a simple form that uses triangular grids. to form a 120-degree intersection Pleat follow these steps:

Identify the lines and creases to be formed. Pinch the paper so that the shape we want to be represented.

When all the pleats are pinched together, folding the pleats more in the direction you want.

Pleat be formed flat / horizontal line with the previous field.


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Reforming cramped interior a small house with limited space

Organizing interior a small house and narrow
Organizing interior a small house and narrow is not as easy as we thought., With limited space, the home must be able to accommodate all the needs of its inhabitants. In addition, the home must also be comfortable and pleasing to the eye occupied.
To organize a small house there are a few principles:

managing space effectively and efficiently
lighting and proper ventilation
selection of interior style and color carefully

If these three principles are implemented, space limitations can not be anticipated to be extensive but be impressed broad …