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How to Cure Car Sickness in Adults Naturally? Traveling is a nice experience, but the side effect of long traveling using car, plane or ship is motion sickness. Car sickness is the type of motion sickness experienced by people who are using land vehicle. The usual vomiting, nausea and dizziness that you often experience when being in a vehicle is caused by the constant motion that sends the wrong stimulation message to the brain, causing the brain to ‘get confused’ over those wrong sensory stimulations. This finally makes the brain …

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What a cause of abdominal pain in women. Cycle Irregular menstruation is common in women. However, when the condition is accompanied by abdominal pain and cramping, women should be more vigilant. Abdominal pain and irregular menstrual periods are actually two different symptoms that incidentally occur at the same time.
According to a survey, it turns out women more often experience abdominal pain. This is because many causes of abdominal pain in women, the types was different. This article will discuss about some types of abdominal pain in women.

Causes of abdominal pain …

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Hair dandruff is very easily to known. When you wear dark -colored clothes, you will find white flakes on the shoulders. When you scratch the scalp white flakes will be visible and easy to fly, it is called dandruff. Actual dandruff scalp cells that have died and lifted.
Healthy scalp has a longer life, but due to some things that cells die faster. Wash is not enough to eliminate dandruff in the hair, they will reappear if the scalp is not healthy. That means dandruff comes from an unhealthy scalp.
Often stick …

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How to hair care with using natural ingredients? If you like visiting salon to have hair treatment, you can actually consider about using natural ingredients for hair care. Using natural care for hair has some benefits, besides, you can save your money; it is also friendly toward environment.
You can find ingredients from your surroundings not only in the garden but also in ingredients that are available in the kitchen. Using what nature provides for us will be safer to use with minimum risks of using chemical products. The use of …

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Overcome Oily Hair, treat Oily Hair Naturally, oily hair solution

Having oily hair is very disturbing, how to overcome oily hair naturally. Hair will be looked thin and sometimes scalp feels itchy. Excess oil on the scalp also causes dust and dirt easily attached. Hair becomes dirty quickly, smell, and easy dandruff.
Oily hair is caused by body oils (sebum) produced by oil glands under the skin of the head exceeds demand. Sebum is a substance that serves to moisturize the hair and scalp from getting too dry. In addition to these factors there are also other external factors such as: …